​#GRIMOIRENOIR is a record of process, language, & the power of delivery & receipt through ritual & symbolism. It is through dark melodrama & ancient language, we enter the ethereal stage. The Witch & The Poet; the Amphisbaena. We reveal the secrets within the depths of our own magical & poetic workings, discovering uses for language & archetypes, interconnecting energies to fulfill our desires.

​Authors: Zack Anderson, Jake Bailey, Brad Baumgartner, Jane Beal, Megan Burns, Kathleen Casey, Dawn Cunningham, Trista Marie Edwards, Catherine Garbinsky, Maranda Greenwood, Kia Alice Groom, Ren Hlao, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, R. J. Keeler, Jeffrey H. MacLachlan, Sarah Nichols, Rachel Anne Parsons, Monique Quintana, Teresa Sutton, Hanna Tawater, Kailey Tedesco, Bevil Townsend, Alise Versella, Sarah Ann Winn

Cover Photo by Jessica Miller

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