<3 white <3 red <3 deer <3
​by Jamison Crabtree​

 oh dire & doomed, little dear, naked & everywhere
 in all sorts of weather.

 whether i fear a field
 all full of clearing & the awful rains & the silence
 bounding towards the trees
 or the desert & its clouds
 cracking like a skull & the flood inside all flashing out--

 whatever i fear, it all still looks like death
 (& it all still looks like love).

 no one's above any of it.

 when did you last hear an animal scream into the falling snow?
 what did you do, if you did?

 here, pretend:

 from out of the blizzard, a white stag
 on the white stage of the world. 

 but you approach & it's gone. follow the tracks

 & make your own; anything chased is beautiful

 until it's caught. anything caught becomes a tragedy.
 like love, follow them
 into the away; like love,

 they'll take you somewhere dangerous. follow.

 hope that you never catch up.


from #thebestiary