VOLUME II ISSUE II:  #arspoeticus

Paperback book w/faux red leather stag cover/90 glossy pages


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Or, Writing About Writing About Writing And Being A Writer.  
: techniques, styles, literary epochs, famous authors, pieces of literature, and literary characters. We begin #arspoeticus with a small blade of language that opens a world of crossword puzzles, intaglios, letters, and markets of sighs. Stories are retold, histories are imagined, and new mythologies are created through form, syllable, and sentence to pay tribute to past and present authors and writing.
And, of course, what would life behind the pen be without the occasional battle with the blank page?

Featured Authors:  Elizabeth Ashe, Alessandra Bava, Steve Bertolino, Susannah Betts, Michelle Chen, Joan Colby, Jim Davis, Andrea Janelle Dickens, Katie Eber, Patricia Guzman, Lily Hoang, Angela Hooks, Claire Ibarra, RJ Ingram, Sonja Johanson, Kayla Krut, Juniper Marguerite Lee, Charles McGregor, James Meetze, Catherine Moore, Christopher Mulrooney, Mark Petrie, Thomas Piekarski, C. R. Resetarits, Adam Stutz, Tim Suermondt, Donna Vorreyer, Chelsea Whitton, & Adam Jerome Williams.

VOLUME II ISSUE I:  #thebestiary 

Paperback book w/gold foil cover/82 glossy pages 


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The animal within us all is prevalent & ever growing; we hunger, we seek praise & love & forgiveness, we ravage, we protect, we play, & we're proud. The relationship between writer & animal is a mental & emotional bond, an acknowledgement of each other's existence. The writer craves to uncover the minds of beasts, to find that bestial instinct within him/herself, & to relate their anatomies, behaviors, & habitats to our own. From the god-heads of Ancient Egypt to the spirit animals of the Celtics, the symbolism of various animals has become inherent in our lives through tradition. #thebestiary portrays that seemingly ancient sense of co-existence & curiosity between man & beast; poetry that pays homage to the beauty & burden of our fellow creatures & their deep effect on us as humans [& writers]. Each piece highlights the bonds & struggles between both worlds—at times, a clash—while showing respect for the relationship as a whole.

Featured Authors: Jennifer Arcuni, Stacey Balkun, Tantra Bensko, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, John Briscoe, Doc Burkard, Jamison Crabtree*, Susan Cronin, Amber Edmondson, Brenda Hillman, James Croal Jackson, Gabe Johnson, Sonja Johanson, Nate Maxson, Nichole Riggs, Michael Robins, Christine Scanlon, Danielle Susi, B. Ellis Williams, Warner James Wood, Rachel Zavecz.

*Jamison Crabtree is the winner of #thebestiary poetry contest for his poem "<3 White <3 Red <3 Deer"!