Featured Authors: Robert Alexander, Kazim Ali, Aaron Apps, Jose Angel Araguz, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Peter Burzynski, Joan Colby, Michael Collins, Paul Fauteux, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Katrina Greco, Janae Green, Donna Isaac, Anna King Ivey, James Croal Jackson, Stephanie N. Johnson, Kate Johnston, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Joey Kingsley, Shareen Knight, Adrian Gibbons Koesters, Christina Marie Lancaster, Daniel W.K. Lee, Brendan Lorber, Nate Maxson, Bruce McRae, Richard King Perkins II, Thomas Piekarski, M. J Saenz, Jess Mansour Scherman, Danielle Susi, Sarah Suzor, Rachel Lee Taylor, Sara Vander Zwaag, Scarlett Watters

Featured Authors: ​​Jose Angel Araguz, Maya Gene Beerbower, Doc Burkard, Rachel Burns, Colin Dodds, Clare FitzPatrick, Claire Fornarola, Raymond Gibson, T.B. Grennan, Theo Hummer, T.R. Hummer, James Jones, Keith McCleary, Becka Mara McKay, Michael Palmer, Tim Suermondt, Pia Taavila-Borsheim, Carleigh Takemoto, Hanna Tawater, Mark Wallace

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VOLUME I ISSUE II: #beyondthetaboo


In Celtic mythology, the White Stag was believed to have appeared when one was transgressing a taboo. For this issue, we asked writers to submit work that explores traditions, rituals, and lifestyles that may often be deemed unacceptable or strange to American culture, to submit poetry and prose that leaves the reader with the feeling of passing into, through, and/or beyond the taboo in some way. The writing collected within #beyondthetaboo illuminates a variety of taboos—religious, cultural, psychological, physical—that we hope will incite curiosity in our readers and allow them to delight in the taboo and embrace the artistry of strangeness (and the strangeness of the art). We arranged this issue like we were building our own literary shop of oddities; our aim wasn't to criticize, exploit, or mock the taboos in these pieces but to display each piece as a glimpse into how the taboo affects the individual while also relating it to the other pieces (and taboos) within the issue, because as much as taboos create uniqueness within us, they can also be a source of connection.

VOLUME I ISSUE I: #leadthemtotheotherworld

Paperback Book/48 Glossy Pages

In compiling these works, we wanted to follow a narrative related to the theme of “Lead Them To The Otherworld.” Instead of combining works by author or topic, we wanted to arrange the pieces in such a way as to create a cohesive narrative that illuminates a journey and/or metamorphosis into the Otherworld. Each individual piece of writing represented in this issue is a footstep—or hoofprint—that leads us to examine morality, the actuality of this world, and the unexplainable worlds beyond this one. In this, we find ourselves experiencing a single migration through multitudes of life and death to conclude with the imminence of a post-death existence. We hope that our readers will a gain a similar sense of entry into these ideas and experiences that so often go unseen by the forsaken eye. The Otherworld is a mirror in which the ineffable reflects. Open your imagination to the realm of chance.