#GRIMOIRENOIR is a record of process, language, & the power of delivery & receipt through ritual & symbolism. It is through dark melodrama & ancient language, we enter the ethereal stage. The Witch & The Poet; the Amphisbaena. We reveal the secrets within the depths of our own magical & poetic workings, discovering uses for language & archetypes, interconnecting energies to fulfill our desires.

For this issue, we want to publish your spells, instructions on how to create magic objects & archetypes, poetry that summons the gods & demons, angels & spirits (within & without). Send us your dark melodrama, the ectoplasmic relief of ritual, sigils of language that confound us. Send us language of the stars, words of mystic entities, alchemical mixes & medicines for the weary reader. Reach into your Medieval heart & release your life essence onto the page. We especially want work from all magical niches & cultures.

Please send no more than 3 pages of work.
If including images on the page or just sending images, please submit a pdf or high res jpg.
While we are mostly looking for magical workings that also utilize poetic device, we are open to considering most interpretations of the theme.

†Submissions are open to everyone, including those who have published with us  before. 

DEADLINE: September 16, 2019 to go live on Halloween!

††We do not tolerate any racism, sexism, womanizing, homophobia, or animal cruelty so please don't send us any!††

Anyone who submits has the option to also purchase either of our two newest titles at a discounted rate with free shipping. This can save you anywhere between $4-5.

*Please include shipping address in cover letter of submission.