speCt books was founded in 2012 and operates out of Oakland California.  We print chapbooks, fine art, ephemera, and OAR, a journal of poetry.  In 2018 we begin printing full-length collections of poetry.


how often do you think about sex
was his answer
when i flat out asked     how often

he considers offing himself     trying to grasp
the emptiness     he has but can’t feel
is like trying to memorize a kiss

something about love & failure     we walk
into a sunset
but never reach the sun

he says it’s a question     that coats you
he says he’s covered in it
it’s like a bad joke that sucks     the air out of a room
and the room is your mind
and the bad joke is your mind

there’s a boy trapped at the bottom of a well
there’s a dog that ran away from home
there’s a mother who has just lost her son in a crowd

choose one and still be all three
choose one and still be none

his beard scratches     a broom
on the dusty garage floor
his bottom lip has a gnocchi mouthfeel
the temperature of red wine warmed
by the hand on the glass that holds it

if you ask me what his kiss is like
i will scrape the sky of my skull
if you ask me if i’d die for him     i’ll answer

i think about sex all the time

Robert Andrew Perez lives in West Oakland and is an associate editor & book designer for speCt, where he also curates readings. His first book, the field, was nominated for the Northern California Book Award.  More at