“Through her nihislips, Vodicka’s Psychic Privates offers a view of love bereft of loss. Fuckwise and hearty, her queenly poetry gives the reader that mourning beer buzz most craved.”

–Russell Bennetts, editor of Berfrois

"A 21st century Mae West meeting your gaze unblinking with honesty, savagery and both unapologetic need and bold censure."

–Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls & Crisis Boy

“The first time I heard Vodicka read from this book, I threw my panties on stage. No other offering seemed adequate and also maybe they were too wet to keep on. Ever since, her sin-tracks have been running afuck in my unconscious. Reading this book is like playing with a sadistic vibrator. Her puns twist and pinch noun phrases until they purple, hint at shadow, and under to the expected. Each brutal shift in tone, a truthy bitchslap you didn't see coming. But you really should have. Enter her ‘reverse bukkake boutique’ and let this book backwash all over your tonsils. The taste lingers.  And you'll want it to.”

–Stina French, author of Hope You Like Dick & founder of Sister Rainbow Scream

“‘On a gun, off again,’ Vodicka’s poetry is built on such plays in the ear of meaning. That kind of mud, punster and blood-ruple entendre, drives these song-a-logue poems along, as in, ‘My bullshit brings all the boys to the yard,’ I love a book that mucks me up. Psychic Privates brings it. Reading these flows delights me.”

cris cheek, author of Pickles & Jams

Kim Vodicka is the spokesbitch of a degeneration and the author of two full-length poetry collections: Aesthesia Balderdash (Trembling Pillow Press, 2012) and Psychic Privates (White Stag Publishing, 2018). She is the creator of a poetic comic book series (Oily Pelican Press, 2015) as well as a chapbook of sound poems on vinyl (TENDERLOIN, 2017), both of which are also called Psychic Privates. Additionally, she is the author of The Elvis Machine, a collection of illustrated poetry (The Artist Commons, 2018). Her poems, art, and other writings have been featured in Spork, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Makeout Creek, Antinarrative, Mojo, Best American Experimental Writing, Nasty! and many others. Cruise her at kimvodicka.com



​"Some contemporary poetry favors direct, realistic accounts of events “as they happened” broken into lines. Vodicka’s goes against the grain, weaving past, present, and future sexual acts and transgressions in a way that always feels relevant. Just when you “get it together”, the next line implores you to “decompose yourself” or “build yourself a Neverland ranch with this shitlist (of hers).” -Hannah Neal Fleming real pants

"With rhythmic, subversive poetics, Vodicka creates a completely enthralling show of transgression without consequence. It’s a collection that will destroy what you think you know about poetry by showing you how powerful a poem really can be." -Kailey TedescoLuna Luna Magazine

​"Things get fun & dirty with Kim Vodicka as we talk Elvis, poetry, love & of course, sex. Kim Vodicka is the spokesbitch of a degeneration and heart-reactionary at the rearguard of the rose arts." - Leza CantorlGet LIT With Leza

PSYCHIC PRIVATES review by Greg Bem featured in Rain Taxi


Vodicka’s Psychic Privates is a patchwork of soundbites both lovelorn and predacious, spreading its fishnet-clad legs around the entire upturned pelvis of modernity from Renaissance to millennium. With its signature tongue-in-cheek punning and deft attention to sound-based polysemy, Vodicka’s style is simultaneously singular and symptomatic of a larger ‘degenerational’ impulse toward theatrical (read: burlesque) satire of poetry’s most perennial obsessions—love, sex, nature (that messy murderess), the epistle, the sublime—all in the balls-out apocalyptic register of a prophet-goblin whose negative capability engulfs the whole spectrum from zealot to skeptic, fuck boy to coy mistress, curse words to King’s English—‘a horrifying morass’ wherein ‘the twain’ indeed meet.
–Dylan Krieger, author of Giving Godhead & dreamland trash

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