Nichole Goff is a poet, editor, and teacher living in Tucson, AZ. She received her MFA from the University of Notre Dame in 2016. You can find her most recent work in Issue 1 of Dreampop Press, in addition to F(r)iction magazine. Her chapbook Aluminum Necropolis was published in 2016 by horse less press.

Rib Cage

This is looking at the skeleton of a marriage. Imagine. On the backside it’s all white bones with the meat off. It’s a feat of architecture, a perfectly painted town. And when you go through the doors of the grocery store you find that all the fruit is wax, the chicken stinks, the cereal expired a few years ago. Look down at your body. You are emaciated. Your belly is swollen with your own sour breath. Breathe.

SPF Lit Mag was founded in 2018 by editors Sally Roundhouse and Nichole Goff in the hot and sunny city of Tucson, AZ. After some unpleasant experiences with sexism in the literary world, Sally and Nichole wanted to carve out their own femme & nonbinary literary space. They brought on editors Ari K. Castañeda, Em Bowen, and Ali Raz shortly after. The first issue of SPF is almost finished, and will be released in the end of April, 2018. Established under the wing of Tucson’s literary arts nonprofit Casa Libre en la Solana, SPF aims to give space to marginalized writers and to feature writing that “asks questions of form.”