Megan Leonard

Queen Elsa Thinks About The Future

from "what queen what binary star"

here’s a baby in blue like    ice-thick in February       and Queen Elsa is raising her enemy —          she tucks   blue silk against     blooming sleeping baby boy cheek
why shouldn’t she  be afraid:
the able-bodied cis-gendered straight white man            raper of friends      yeller in streets      smirker to make her remember     exactly what her place is in this world

and now she’s got one of her very own:         blue-eyed       always laughing            he loves her with every cell          her heart’s delight
soul’s appledy-dappledy        everything you ever read about love true         wrapped in a quilt   his gentle hand on her face         laughing laughing —

this was the thing she didn’t think about         when she came down all those icy stairs         thick enough to cast the railings blue
down the frozen mountain        leaving behind  flat wide   snowshoe tracks      as she ran ran down and
did not turn to see them pooling purple shade       in twilight —

she knew she had it in her to —   

and now      far from that cold mountain  
nestled in a chair        rocking baby sleeping                she must live in summer        spring          fall     as well         as locker rooms with their talk    
and other boys      men   someday  showing
her laughing laughter how to be              something other than her heart     her heart                her sweetness