Kevin Kvist Peters

Rope Swing
 from "Hooker's Fairy Bells"
eyelids are hardly adequate
                                                patch quell a
                                                                        mellifluous stasis
lash reach
                                                            the past’s
                                    he stood here
                                    to think about
being in the
presence of wood
                                                dirigible and prayer
goose-stare                (outside
                                    over the years
                                    leaves left
their imprints
on the sidewalk)
as her antique
remained retired
on the tulip
-printed walls
Kissed the wall deeply, defining deeply; wine: sturgeon skin sticking to the mouth’s atrium, lingering ever so briefly. Parched raven, releasing electrons from the gills which creak in cold winds.Bleary volumes of affectation, or pedagogical guilt within individuals.
mercury implies magic, or
                                                a word more drastic than
                        temperature change
Wa hues plash curtain folds. Laugh, because mercury and laughing, listening to eight notes on a piano over, over, over, for hours, but the dress are right. Laugh again, because there’s no speaking, but please,wait in crescents that bear rich motion, fertile, and fail at vanquishing all tat calms. Laugh and brine, if only to hear, if declare gallows, if trickling laugh, a broken narrow laugh; for the curious reciprocate.
                                    incredulous sensations
burrow for another aloof overgrowth                  
an orchid is powder
                                                            who doesn’t know
                                                            where the cruel
                                                            ice cube myth
                        stems wrapped
 pent up
            a heavy touch of folklore
a fetish to be oppressed and overcome
                                                                        what can be learned by a
                                                                                   table laid with a glass of water
                                                           a coffeepot                 a few garlic cloves
in terms of harm
eyelids are hardly adequate
an overbearing patchwork
lashes comb
the past’s gristle
in this
narrow exhale
i stood
thinking about
and i saw
the ducks poking
their heads between
rocks along
the shore of
the canal
i lost control
prayer and dirigible
somniloquy                (outside
                                    over the years
                                    leaves pushed
on the sidewalk
an attempt
to break through)
as his antique
remained retired
wall hung with
news articles
pasted around
its hooks
she tastes
this pent up
heavy touch of folklore                   
two young children
began to play with the
rope swing that
hung just over the water
beside her
she got up to leave
he yelled at her
from across the path
for abandoning them                       
an orchid is color aloof
it doesn’t know
where the cruel
barrel smoke
its kiss for lichen