flies are always divining
mycology from morning 

they say they saw 
her nose 

turn at the scent 
of bergamot down 
step-mother’s leg

o’ mutton. 
they say 
every killer-

girl has a music box
heart: wound up &  

spinning, numbering 
its loves 

until it doesn’t 
pirouette any
longer & it is hungry 

for more braids
to ribbon down 
the banisters. 

Kailey Tedesco

they say lizzie kept stuffed ghost-heads above her sofa

Kailey Tedescois the author of She Used to be on a Milk Carton (April Gloaming Publishing) and These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese (Dancing Girl Press). She is the editor-in-chief of Rag Queen Periodical and an associate editor for Luna Luna Magazine. She also performs as Hortensia Celeste with the Poetry Brothel. Currently, she lives with her fiancé and two cats in an apartment next to literally one hundred train cars, and she teaches courses on the witch in literature at Moravian College. Her work can be found featured or forthcoming in Electric Literature, Grimoire, Phoebe Journal, Prelude, American Chordata, Sugar House Review, and more. For further information, please visit kaileytedesco.com.