Blood Pudding Press is a tiny indie poetry focused lit press that Juliet Cook has handled for more than ten years.  It was named Blood Pudding because when she started it, she was angry about the popularity of what she thought of as light hearted vanilla snack pack pudding poetry. Over the years, Blood Pudding has published many unique hand-designed print poetry chapbooks. Cook also runs Blood Pudding Press's spooky little sister, an online blog style lit mag called Thirteen Myna Birds. 

Out of Control

Like an insectile heart eater,
filled with blood and guilt.
I didn't mean to bite
or swallow, but sometimes

we can't resist our unaligned cravings.
My weaknesses outweighed
my own strengths again or
maybe it was the other way around.

You didn't really deserve me on top
of you. I didn't deserve to be born
this way, unable to shut my own mouth,
filled with an ongoing expanse of stingers.

No control except for someone else
temporarily holding my hands down.
My own spiked sex appeal,
a gun firing itself into nothing


‚ÄčJuliet Cook's poetry has appeared in a multitude of literary magazines and she is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks, an individual full-length poetry book, a collaborative full-length poetry book, and has another individual full-length poetry book forthcoming. She also sometimes creates semi-abstract painting collage art hybrid creatures. You can find out more at