Carleen Tibbetts is the author of the chapbooks DATACLYSM.JPG (forthcoming from Radioactive Cloud, 2018), to exosk(elle), the last sugar (Zoo Cake Press, 2015), and a starving music will come to eat the body (Five Quarterly, 2014). Full length collection DATACLYSM.jpg is forthcoming from White Stag Publishing in 2019. Recent work has appeared in TAGVVERK, The Offending Adam, Yes Poetry, Deluge, FLAG + VOID, and jubilat, among others. She lives in Chicago with her family and co-edits Dream Pop Press with Isobel O'Hare.



what is your security question?
(hint: it has to do with preventative maintenance)
at the end of image lies
the oldest loss
dirty meringue
radical trash
a discrete, starwandering entity
“I cannot make a song with water,” my three-year-old says at bath time &
I dash to a note pad to write it down with my idiot hands
on the train, a man across from me is smoking & yelling &
I have this fear he will stub his clove on my arm
another answers a Karma Chameleon ringtone & snaps
that he took the train because he’s tired of driving
I am so tired always
pastoral of being tired
what is ephemera &
what is necessary text
so many dead messages
I look at glossy shots of my teen sanctuaries but
accept I was never truly safe
every day, a new man is exposed
men are building architecture
in the gray area &
I get down on the floor to play
horsies with my daughter
I twirl her hair & read her stories
in this vast century
these are the tools of my ministry 


Isobel O'Hare is a poet and essayist based in Northern New Mexico. They are the author of all this can be yours (University of Hell Press, 2018), Heartbreak Machinery (dancing girl press, 2018), The Garden Inside Her (Ladybox Books, 2016), and Wild Materials (Zoo Cake Press, 2015) and they have poems in the anthologies A Shadow Map: An Anthology by Survivors of Sexual Assault (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2017) and They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing (Black Lawrence Press, 2018). They co-edit the journal Dream Pop with Carleen Tibbetts.

Dream Pop came about fairly suddenly, but the idea behind it had been building for awhile, you could say.  Isobel and I were both published around the same time on Zoo Cake Press, and in 2016, they came out to Chicago to read with me and a few other writers.  We got to know each other more and more since reading together, and would often just chat about poetry submissions, aesthetics, our musical interests and what not.  Then, about a year ago, Isobel asked me if I wanted to start a journal with them that would cater to the more experimental writing that was more difficult for a lot of poets to home.  We wanted poetry, visual poetry, artwork, and prose to be among the categories we sought to publish, as well as more hybrid and harder to classify texts. We have both been devoted fans of Cocteau Twins' music and very inspired by Liz Fraser's style of lyrics, and it was Isobel who named the press Dream Pop after that genre of music Cocteau Twins "belongs" to (as if they could ever truly be classified!). We are close to putting together our fourth issue, and we are going to open for chapbook submissions shortly.  I'm extremely excited to see what types of manuscripts we'll receive! I'm so fortunate to have a co-editor like Isobel. I truly value their insight, integrity, and the care and attention they put into this journal and press. I'm very honored they asked me to be a part of their vision.



drops child into leucocrystal violet

her legs the collapsed staircase

              of a dead museum
her full moon song puts a longing on men

a seam to the sea

              all their bellies full with other creatures’ flesh

(to need) air is not the same as (to be) human