Hydra, Ophion, and the Gorgons
from ​"Reptilia"

fucked an ocean wrapped seven times
around a bird, an egg, a hatchling in sand
I hoisted heaven against time, father
fighting minutes, fighting directionality
women with tails morphing into doves
blood so poisonous whole planets formed
in the space between words between ions
this madness growing two more in place
each second dividing in half ad infinitum
each inch until we never touch
slowing the rhythm of flightless titans
snakes mouthing underworlds
incubate other gods’ spawn
hang constellated in star clusters
each severed line doubling chthonic or cosmic
divided twice more into stone, sea daughter,
changing gold into serpents with too many
heads to count so say just one
set of vacant eyes, eventual dust
eventual neutrinos slowed to apathy
sluggish and waiting for reaction, father waiting
for catalyst, eruption, a shift in the geography