Carleen Tibbetts is the author of several chapbooks, including " to exosk(elle), the last sugar," (Zoo Cake Press, 2015) and "DATACLYSM.jpg," (Radioactive Cloud, forthcoming 2018). Recent work has appeared in TAGVVERK, La Vague, The Offending Adam, Yes Poetry, and jubilat, among others. With Isobel O'Hare, she co-edits Dream Pop Press.


​from DATACLYSM.jpg


a few scanning tips as you journey to the composition:
you should demand answers
the same way in which a shark’s eyes
darkwater function
or an expanse of stormclutch
readying to terraform
bacteria thrive best in wet conditions after all
aren’t you the fucking glittering
pride of the market  
with yor game set on “destroy” function
your vulgar binaries
your versa for every vice


things that can’t grow in the earth
give me all your bloom
garbled delinquency of
bumper sticker idealogues
felled & failed escapist language
machine vending clichéd listicles
remains of nazi officer found in
100 year old catfish
litterings of disjecta aka news
aka parabolic velvet
hexing is a faceless crime
light’s guttering manifesto
you’re kleenexing to dramedies again


in a wreck & need a check
private label next level sweaters
for all your vorticism needs
this art of intrusion
application will not identify itself
unwelcome in your SKU nest
of outsourced natal charts
para/doxer of galaxies
oh you nervous organism
given forth to perish


previous experiments yielded
a certain breed of happiness
too much for some
fuck the haters
the air flaunts the naked word
the word stripped
bare of its bachelors
finger the empty
the slick contrivance
some people always step
in the same river twice 


relocated to leisure
the memory garment
has been leveled
ctrl+f your inner monologue
it’s first person shooter
YouTube narration


must-haves for
big bold bushy brows
#sneakpeek because it’s
time to live al fresco
in your rock-bottomed self-care 

These excerpts were originally featured in the following presses: DREGINALD (#/s 12 and 18), The Offending Adam (#31), and Reality Beach (#'s 43 and 48).